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Exterior Window Seal
Used as a seal between passenger window panes. Manufactured with elastomers suitable for extreme exterior aerospace environments.

Flap Actuator Sleeve
Manufactured with fuel resistant fluorosilicone elastomer and reinforced with Dacron fabric for added strength.

Aerodynamic Seal
Used throughout the exterior of the aircraft to seal gaps where rigid components such as wing flaps and rudders come together improving aerodynamics and efficiency.

Aerodynamic Stabilizer Seals
Designed to reduce air friction on exterior of aircraft and made to geometric shapes as required

Fuel Line Shroud
Convoluted covers of fuel-resistant nitrile rubber used as protective cover of fuel lines

Compressor Inlet Duct
Fireproof duct with one cuff made with CRES insert to outer shape of AS1895/11 and sealed for installation with an AS1595/12 ended hard duct with a V-band clamp capable of withstanding 300 lbs of force. The other end of duct installs over AS5131 beaded ducting

Compressor Inlet Duct

ECS Transition Duct
Self-extinguishing flexible convoluted ducting to transition various sizes of hard ducting

Hydraulic Line Support Blocks
Used as clamp cushions to secure hydraulic and other lines in place throughout the aircraft.  Made from several different materials depending on application.  These block cushions provide line security while allowing the flexibility associated with the vibration and thermal variables of the aircraft environment.

Quickseal Grommets
Used to seal penetration tubes throughout the aircraft and manufactured from various materials depending on application.  These grommets provide simple-one piece solutions to line protection, fire barrier, pressure issues, and conductivity.  This simple design often replaces larger assemblies currently used.

Leak Detection Safety Covers
Covers for engine bleed air coupling locations have added feature of clips and Teflon spools for installation of leak detection devices as designed.

Engine Inlet Seal
Used for jet fighter engine inlet made of high temperature silicone and fabrics riveted to high grade stainless steel retainer.